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    Today’s Business landscape demands responsive, flexible processes. Our consultants provide a full range of consulting services, leveraging our deep industry knowledge across industries and our technical expertise in the 21st st century solutions.

    Walkthetalk consultants will work with clients to help them to reinvent their operating models and business processes to enhance productivity, unlock innovation and drive corporate performance and value. We leverage domain knowledge across a range of vertical industries and offer cross industry capabilities.

    Business Re-structuring:-
    Business trouble can arise quickly and for a variety of reasons. Companies may suffer from missed market expectations, reduced operating profit or severe cash problems, stagnated sales or revenue . Whether triggered internally or by marketplace dynamics, early detection and swift, decisive action are the keys to restoring performance and value.
    Failure of a company’s business model to accurately forecast results can lead to credibility issues.

    What We do:-

    Strategic alternatives & business planning-
    Strategic review of business
    Corporate turnaround management
    Development of long-term business plan
    Execution of turnaround strategy

    Business Expansion:-

    Expansion methods
    1. Organic Growth- Organic growth is the most common form of small business expansion, and may be the way you've grown your business in the past. Today's economy may change how consumers perceive your product or service, as their needs regarding price, service levels, and other business factors may be influenced by their economic situation. Transforming this analysis into actionable business improvement initiatives involves hard work and forward-thinking business strategies. It's about keeping customers happy, investing in the business, and selling and marketing aggressively.

    2. Location Expansion- If your business has been based in a single location or region, now may be the time to set up shop in a second location or to expand your service area. This could involve opening a business in a nearby neighborhood or city, or making your services available to a broader geographic audience.

    3. Acquiring Competitors- It is likely that some of your competitors are struggling in this down economy, to the point where they are ready to pursue an exit opportunity. Rather than have them sell to a new competitor, you may be better off acquiring them and folding their operations into yours.

    4. Franchise your business- The benefits of franchising as a means of expanding a business are twofold. One, it involves low capital investment by the franchisor as the capital used to expand the network comes from franchisees. Two, by franchising the business, the franchisor places the expansion of his/her business in the hands of people who are motivated to make it work.

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